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Greens Organic Kitchen, is at the heart of our store, – a central point of focus for the market. Green’s success is linked to our core philosophy – making food consumption in British Columbia more sustainable. Our deli represents a movement back to ‘’real food’’. This is reflected in our standards. All our food is GMO free, our meat is sourced from local sustainable farms, our vegetables and fruit are 100 % organic. It is this structure that allows us to serve a wide variety of high quality healthy food at affordable prices.
We are a market led by chefs, in love with food. We’re inspired by not only the seasonal bounty of the Pacific NorthWest but by what arrives fresh every morning. We love the challenge of turning these ingredients into delicious meals for you and your family.
We’re driven by a zero waste philosophy. There are advantages to cooking food in a market and in our unique structure the whole store feeds the kitchen. This design helps to recycle and repurpose the perishable ingredients we carry. This is a win-win for the business by reducing our costs and the environmental impact – by redirecting valuable resources that far too often end up in garbage and for the customer as these gained efficiencies are passed on to our customers in healthy food at affordable prices.

Green’s kitchen is led by Head Chef Brendan Fraser and our talented team of chefs. They create a wide selection of fresh salads, their take on classic hot dishes, soups, dips, an array of grab and go meal options, as well as a rotisserie chicken that is second to none.

We are very proud of our in-store charcuterie. Brendan and our Head Butcher Andy have collaborated to create a wide range including; hams, salamis, smoked sausages, rillettes and pâtés. And yes, we slice to order! Our menu is varied, and flexible enough to stay up to date with the latest health trends and food movements, all while providing the food that makes your life easier – and tastier.

Most Canadians don’t know what they’re having for dinner by 4pm. Let our deli team help you put healthy food on your table. It’s our goal to keep you happy, healthy and nourished!

Charcuterie & Deli Meats

At Green’s we believe a piece of really good meat can be everything. This passionate belief drives our procurement and dedication to the craft of whole animal butchery. Our ethos is simple: local, sustainable, ethical. Animals delivered directly from local farms and processed with care by our talented team of butchers and chefs in store. Whole animal butchery is a labor of love, so we dry age, cure, and smoke in-house. These old world techniques help us to create world class charcuterie. Products like duck confit, sweetheart ham, capicola and many more smoked goodies.
We also carry a wide selection of local deli meats and salami from D’s Original and Two Rivers.


Green’s Organic Market deli provides a totally unique dining experience in the grocery world. Real food prepared by  passionate chefs with 100% organic produce as wells as locally and ethically sourced meat, all created daily from scratch.

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