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We are dedicated to, dry aging, locally-sourced, sustainably-raised animals.

The Art of Butchery & Sustainable Meat

Green’s butcher shop was developed and has been run head-to-tail since its inception. Many hands have had a part in the development of the shop but over the past three years Andy (the head butcher) and Brendan (the head chef) have taken the reins together bringing the shop to its current level. They pride themselves on having as little waste as possible while tailoring consumer expectations for the pieced wall display. It’s a special space for carnivores as we get the carcasses delivered from the farmers and our relationship with them is just as important as theirs is to the environment the animals are raised in.

Once in the shop Andy and the team take all of the necessary precautions to an efficient and organized breakdown. We focus on three points of sale. Fresh, value added and fully cooked. These three tiers allow for minimal waste and delicious tastes. We are always fresh with the quickest delivery possible from the farms. Our recipes are from scratch and have been built through years of intense training in various cooking and cutting arenas. We are happy to share any and all knowledge to our customers. We want each of you to enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed the work of getting them on the shelves.

Bones and Organs – Our bones are sold fresh or roasted and simmered overnight turning them into broth. Our broth is salt free and utilizes every bone brought into the store that isn’t sold fresh. We have a great variety for building better digestion and collagen. They are easy to drink or the perfect base for a soup. – The organs are also sold fresh, in various mixes and sausages or as pate. If your iron is low, utilizing organ meat can be a great addition to your diet. We have many recipes that disguise the intense organ flavour as well as methods for you to cook them at home.

The shop is focused on a dry aging program for our beef. The key points to this are tenderness and flavour. It is also better for the environment (no plastic). We have aged steaks for up to one hundred days in our cooler that has a fan cycle eliminating resting moisture and allowing for the beef to form a hard exterior crust. Inside there is a bacterial reaction going on bringing each piece to an unforgettable taste. Most of our meat ranges from 15-21 days aged. Our premium steaks are 28-35 days aged. **As mentioned longer aging is available upon request although a minimum order is required.

We also offer a unique cut and wrap option which is cost efficient for both the store and the consumer. The perks of this is a lot of meat at a much cheaper price than our wall’s sticker price. The key to this being beneficial is volume. We have prices for quarter, half and full carcasses. This process includes a 30-45 minute one on one consultation with the head butcher ensuring how you want your animal dressed is how you pick it up. This consultation is free of charge and no purchase is required. During the consultation we make choices on each individual muscle based on your cooking skills and favourite techniques. Thickness, amount of pieces per package, how you’d like your grinds distributed are all discussed in depth. Sausage and value added items (such as bacon) are available in this type of breakdown. We ask for 21-28 days notice for this option. It can save you hundreds of dollars on your annual grocery bills. The keys to this business for the customer are a freezer or an interested group of friends willing to equally share the cuts. We do high volume mix and match freezer packs that Andy will also discuss in depth with you. Give us a call at 604-568-3079 and ask for the butcher shop if you have any further questions.

The Farms


63 Acres – a local brand of premium Angus cross beef raised on selected partner farms in southern British Columbia. Pasture raised, grain finished, hormone free, antibiotic-free, GMO-free.

Campbell Valley Organic Chicken – Langley- 100 % Canadian certified organic feed (most organic feed for chickens comes from other countries, not ours), pasture raised (unique in the poultry world), no hormones, no antibiotics, GMO free.

Maple Hills – Abbotsford – free range, no hormone, no antibiotic, GMO free

Peace County Lamb – BC and Alberta border – pasture raised, no hormone, no antibiotics, GMO free

Fraser Valley Duck – Chilliwack – free range, no hormone, no antibiotic, GMO free

Rossdown Turkey – Abbotsford – free range, no hormone, no antibiotic, GMO free

Johnston’s Pork – Chilliwack – Free range, no hormone, no antibiotics.

Our Beef

The animals are born on one of three ranches, and spend the first half of their lives roaming the grass land of BC, and next half on their life indoors on their farm located in Pitt Meadows. Where they are finished on a diet roughage consisting of grass silage and corn.
Naturally raised with No added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

All our beef comes from 63 Acres farms. 

The climate in southern BC is perfect for raising beef – low humidity, lots of sunshine and plenty of locally grown grass and hay to feed on. 

Their cattle are raised in small groups on small family-run BC farms and ranches.

The Steer’s Life

Prior to finishing, the cows are allowed to roam and graze free on a grass diet without any animal by-products or chemical additives like steroids (growth promotants).
This vegetarian diet provides essential nutrients for their early years; adding grain later in life improves marbling for tenderness.

Quality & Taste

We use the traditional method of aging our AAA Grade beef by hanging it on the rail and dry-aging it for 28 day, as opposed to more common wet-aging in cryovac bags.

Dry-aging allows the natural enzymes to slowly tenderize the meat and evaporate the moisture to create a more concentrated and enhanced depth of flavour.


Our butchers specialize in the breaking down and cutting of whole animal carcasses. Because of this, we are able to offer our customers a vast array of beef cuts that you cannot find in other grocery stores.

We are very proud of the quality of our beef and once you taste it we think you’ll feel the same.Prior to finishing, the cows are allowed to roam and graze free on a grass diet without any animal by-products or chemical additives like steroids (growth promotants).

This vegetarian diet provides essential nutrients for their early years; adding grain later in life improves marbling for tenderness.

Farm To Table

This is a picture of cattle grazing from one of our BC partner farms. Our procurement and supply chain process allows us to foster a close relationship with our farmers who supply us high quality meats every time. Armed with a strong working relationship with our farmers, our customers can rest assure the meat they purchase at Greens Market is direct from farm and of the highest quality.

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