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Local, Sustainable, Authentic

Open since 2010 we are an independently owned grocery store located in the heart of Kitsilano.

We are passionate about sustainable food and pride ourselves on stocking both local and organic products. We offer 100% organic produce, our meat all comes from local farms, and our chefs make healthy real food from scratch.

We have a full wellness department with trained specialists on hand, and we also feature a large grocery selection with a focus on natural products at everyday low prices. Come shop with us and discover real local food.

Our produce department is 100% organic, all year round.

The produce department is a special part of the market, not just because it is so abundant and beautiful, but because it is a reflection of the ever changing seasons and farmland in BC.

We’re a passionate and proud bunch at Green’s. We believe that organic produce is healthier for you, your family and the environment. When we opened in 2009 we were the only grocery store in Vancouver selling 100% organic produce. Not everyone understood why we were so passionate about organic produce, some people thought we were just being trendy. We are still as passionate now as we were then about the produce and the importance of organic farming.

100% certified organic produce = peace of mind

Every punnet of peaches, every bushel of corn, every bunch of bananas in our produce department is 100 % organic.That’s right, we only sell 100% organic produce, not 90%, not 70%, not 5%. Really and truly 100% organic. Unlike other stores, (who state in large letters and much fanfare that they sell organic produce yet make you walk all the way to the back only to find a pitiful selection). No need trying to figure out which apple is organic, or worry about cross contamination of synthetic pesticides, We are the only large store to sell 100% organic.. If you buy one of our apples, you are saying NO to pesticides, NO to GMOs, NO to the pollution of our streams, lakes, and wells. NO to chemicals that are decimating our precious bee’s. We do this for the health of ourselves and our planet. Let’s stop funding the problems and commit to sustainable and organic farming practises .

More and more people are realizing the value of becoming connected again with local food sources – the positive impact on our local economy, family farms, and the benefits to the environment.

Scientific studies have shown that organic produce is higher in nutrients, especially antioxidants, lower in heavy metals and not contaminated with pesticide residue. Organic agricultural practices are sustainable, better for the environment and the people that farm and grow it . The nutrients in fruits and veggies start to deplenish once they are harvested. Shorter transportation means fewer nutrient losses. This is why local farms can provide more nutrient-packed foods. In our opinion, locally grown food just tastes better, food grown in the lower mainland is usually picked within the past day or two. It’s crisp, sweet, and loaded with flavor!

Our hearts belong to the small scale growers, family farms and agricultural co-ops. We work with a dozen or so farms across B.C. However we acknowledge that BC can’t grow our own food year-round. Even more so now, as our climate changes. We continue to place orders with small scale farmers all along the Pacific Coast, down through Washington, Oregon and California, then on to Mexico and South America. Together, this network of organic farmers keeps us all nourished year round, and for this we are thankful.

Here is a small small selection of some of our local farmer;

Klippers Organic Farmis located in Cawston, Okanagan. They offer a large variety of fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs. All are certified organically grown with sustainable farming methods. They are known for tomatoes. Every year, they grow hundreds of varieties of tomatoes in search of new and exciting heirlooms. They also grow many heritage varieties of apples and peaches, and offer multiple varieties of spinach, kale, carrots, peppers and squash. As each season progresses, the selection changes ensuring something new at the our store every week

Two EE’s is a 25 acre family operated organic vegetable farm located on the border of Surrey and Langley in British Columbia. We have been working directly with these farmers for 10 years. We look forward to summer when Two EE’s deliver their beautiful bounty. They grow a lot of our summer and fall vegetables but in particular they are known for their crisp baby carrots, sweet english peas, thick rainbow chard, summer squash and vibrant herbs.

Forager – Benoit is our forager for almost a decade. He and his team search all over our province in pursuit of wild food. He knows many coveted spots and is a legend in the Vancouver food scene. To name but a few, he forages for stinging nettles, watercress,fiddleheads, chanterelle, lobster & morel mushroom.

We take pride in our produce, Fresh produce is alive and it should look and feel that way. We label all of our signs so that you can tell at a glance what type of produce you are getting, the country of origin, and the name of the farm if available. We source organic produce from around the world in order to maintain a large selection of fresh, high-quality produce throughout the year. We work hard to bring you fresh and affordable produce that comes from sustainable farms to your basket to your table.If you’re looking to eat healthier and help the environment at the same time, consider adding more organic ingredients to your basket.

Let the seasons inspire you and guide you.

Whole Animal Butcher

Green’s butcher shop has been a head to tail butcher shop since its inception. Many hands have had a part in the development of the shop, but over the past three years our Head Butcher Andy along with our Head Chef Brendan have taken the reins together, bringing the shop to the next level. They pride themselves on having as little waste as possible while tailoring consumer expectations for the pieced wall display. It’s a special space for carnivores as we get the carcasses delivered directly from the farmers, and our relationship with them is just as important as theirs is to the environment the animals are raised in.
Once in the shop Andy and the team take all of the necessary precautions to an efficient and organized breakdown. We focus on three points of sale. Fresh, value added and fully cooked. These three tiers allow for minimal waste and delicious tastes. We are always fresh with the quickest delivery possible from the farms. Our recipes are from scratch and have been built through years of intense training in various cooking and cutting arenas. We are happy to share any and all knowledge to our customers. We want each of you to enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed the work of getting them on the shelves.

Bones and Organs – Our bones are sold fresh or roasted and simmered overnight turning them into broth. Our broth is salt free and utilizes every bone brought into the store that isn’t sold fresh. We have a great variety for building better digestion and collagen. They are easy to drink or the perfect base for a soup. – The organs are also sold fresh, in various mixes and sausages or as pate. If your iron is low, utilizing organ meat can be a great addition to your diet. We have many recipes that disguise the intense organ flavour as well as methods for you to cook them at home.

The shop is focused on a dry aging program for our beef. The key points to this are tenderness and flavour. It is also better for the environment (no plastic). We have aged steaks for up to one hundred days in our cooler that has a fan cycle eliminating resting moisture and allowing for the beef to form a hard exterior crust. Inside there is a bacterial reaction going on bringing each piece to an unforgettable taste. Most of our meat ranges from 15-21 days aged. Our premium steaks are 28-35 days aged. **As mentioned longer aging is available upon request although a minimum order is required.

We also offer a unique cut and wrap option which is cost efficient for both the store and the consumer. The perks of this is a lot of meat at a much cheaper price than our wall’s sticker price. The key to this being beneficial is volume. We have prices for quarter, half and full carcasses. This process includes a 30-45 minute one on one consultation with the head butcher ensuring how you want your animal dressed is how you pick it up. This consultation is free of charge and no purchase is required. During the consultation we make choices on each individual muscle based on your cooking skills and favourite techniques. Thickness, amount of pieces per package, how you’d like your grinds distributed are all discussed in depth. Sausage and value added items (such as bacon) are available in this type of breakdown. We ask for 21-28 days notice for this option. It can save you hundreds of dollars on your annual grocery bills. The keys to this business for the customer are a freezer or an interested group of friends willing to equally share the cuts. We do high volume mix and match freezer packs that Andy will also discuss in depth with you. Give us a call at 604-568-3079 and ask for the butcher shop if you have any further questions.

“I would like a link here to go to our farms page”

The Farms

Logos of each farm nicely centered

Hopcott Beef – Pitt Meadows – pasture raised, grain finished, no hormones, no antibiotics, GMO-free, halal

Photo options – beef hanging on the aging bar – the best marbled piece close up

Henceville Grass Finished Beef – Chilcotin – pasture raised, grass finished, no hormones, no antibiotics, GMO free, environmentally conscious beef

Photo options animals on grasslands, and burgers

Campbell Valley Organic Chicken – Langley- 100 % Canadian certified organic feed (most organic feed for chickens comes from other countries, not ours), pasture raised (unique in the poultry world), no hormones, no antibiotics, GMO free

Photo options – Lemon chicken sausage, Full bird

Maple Hills – Abbotsford – free range, no hormone, no antibiotic, GMO free

Photo option spatchcocked, bone in skin on and boneless skinless breasts

Peace County Lamb – BC and Alberta border – pasture raised, no hormone, no antibiotics, GMO free

Photo options Frenched Rack and Leg with shank on

Fraser Valley Duck – Chilliwack – free range, no hormone, no antibiotic, GMO free

Photo option Duck Breast and Duck confit

Rossdown Turkey – Abbotsford – free range, no hormone, no antibiotic, GMO free

Phot option Whole turkey and Turkey bacon

Johnston’s Pork – Chilliwack – Free range, no hormone, no antibiotic

Photo option porchetta and Tenderloin

I’d like a link to each farm’s website under each description.

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