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Stock your pantry, our grocery department is 100% GMO free

Stock your pantry, our grocery department is 100% GMO free

At Greens Market, you will find all your grocery needs. Stock your pantry with a wide variety of local, natural, and organic products that all meet our highest of quality standards. We have done the investigating for you, so you don’t have to worry. That means: no GMOs, and no artificial preservatives or ingredients. Just ingredients you can trust. And if you don’t see a particular brand or product that you like, just ask us, we can probably bring it in for you. We are always happy to help.
We also carry a wide variety of non-toxic, and biodegradable household items. Safe for you and your family, and the environment. And to help us all further reduce our impact on the planet, take a walk on down to our bulk section. There you will find a vast selection of organic nuts, grains, legumes, and more, all available to be purchased in the quantity that is right for you, with the most minimal packaging possible. We strive for a zero-waste goal in everything we do.

And did we mention cheese? Amongst our beautiful assortment of organic and natural food, you will find more than just what you need for tonight’s dinner or to fill up your pantry. If you’re planning on entertaining, or just want to spice up a weeknight meal at home, check out our cheese table and try one of our incredible offerings. We carry all the best imported cheeses, but also a great selection of cheeses from close to home right here in BC. Cheeses from the Farmhouse in Agassiz, or Mt. Lehman in Abbotsford. Do yourself a favor and give them a try. Or if vegan cheese is more up your alley, we have got you covered too. In fact, we have almost just as many vegan cheeses to choose from as we do non-vegan! And we’ve tried them all ourselves and procured only the best!



When we say we carry local products, we really mean local. We have spent years forging great relationships with small suppliers who are making the best artisanal products all over Vancouver. The kind of stuff you simply won’t find at a larger chain store. It’s just one of the many things that make us truly unique.

Here are five local brands made by artisans that we are loving right now:

Kula Kitchen – Plant based, Afrocentric foods that carry incredible flavor and nutrients – Kula Kitchen

Yoggu Yogurt – Coconut based super probiotic yogurt. Yoggu!

Culture Craft Kombucha – Incredible local kombucha crafted with fruits and flowers that come from farms right here in BC. Culture Craft Kombucha

Rain or Shine Ice Cream – Phenomenal local ice cream company dedicated to the best, locally, sourced ingredients, and a fervent passion for sustainability. Rain or Shine Homemade Ice Cream (

Pure Earth Superfoods – Nutrient dense and preserved using time-honoured methods, they preserve nothing but locally farmed, organic, seasonal ingredients. . Pure Earth Superfoods—Fermented Organic Local Vegetables—Vancouver BC Canada

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