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Seasonal fresh cut flowers and indoor potted tropical plants

Buy Produce from Local Farmers

Flowers and plants are located within two areas of Greens Market. BC grown seasonal cut flowers are situated at the main store entrance and our indoor houseplants are located in the former deli café area, turned jungle oasis. We buy direct from Burnaby Lake Greenhouse and United Flower Growers they are a co-operative of BC flower farmers and are the largest flower co-op in North America. They provide us with a wide variety of seasonal fresh cut flowers and indoor potted tropical plants. We try to keep our fresh cut flowers local and priced reasonable for those everyday occasions.
In 2020, the deli-café sitting area was transformed into The Greenery, the potted-plant-playscape that lock-down life so desperately needed. Here you can find tropical plants, cacti, succulents, indoor gardening supplies, as well as terra-cotta and ceramic pottery.

Indoor plants are known for creating a soothing environment. They offer a refuge that works wonders on one’s general happiness. They relieve stress and anxiety and improve mental health, they aid healing and help relax and rejuvenate the body as well as improving productivity. Yes plants do all this!

100% certified organic produce = peace of mind

Many of our customers who live in the neighborhood live in condos and apartments. Some don’t have gardens or much in the way of natural light, similar to many homes. I select plants based on my customers needs, I choose plants that are a touch out of the ordinary, that work well for both bright and low-light living spaces . Our employees truly care and we go above and beyond to ensure you get a quality plant. We have a big selection of soil for different needs of their plants as well as pots and planters to make this Floral shop a one stop shop

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