Meat + Seafood

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We are dedicated to seasonal, locally-sourced, sustainably-raised, fresh meat. Our shop began as an idea in 2010 by two UBC alumni’s when we decided we wanted to continue to work in the food industry. However, we wanted to have a more “normal” work schedule that would also allow us to have a more direct impact on our community. At the same time, it was difficult for us to find locally sourced, sustainably raised meat that we felt comfortable cooking at home.

We figured if we were having that problem, everyone else was too! Our butchers are also trained chefs, ready to help you with cooking suggestions, recipes, and a personal connection to the farms where the animals are raised. Because we only buy whole animals, we can butcher any imaginable cut for you on the spot, and we pride ourselves in customization. We also offer rendered fats, bones and innards.

We make all of our patés, sausages, deli meats, stocks, stews and dog food in house features our meat, local farmer’s market produce and locally made bread.

Greens Market is a whole animal program meaning nothing goes to waste and everything of the animal whether its a cow, pig, chicken or lamb is made to food.

We value the origins of our meat that is why we have partnered with Hopcott Farms situated in Pit Meadows BC for beef, Gelderman farm for our pork and the Fraser valley for our chickens.

All of the meats that is supplied to us have never been subjected to or implanted with growth additives, hormones or fed antibiotics.comes from suppliers who does not use.

Our meat carcasses come in as a whole in the store where our skilled butchers break down the parts.

We dry age our beef for 14-21 days, allowing for the flavor to develop.

Our procurement and supply chain process allows us to foster a close relationship with our farmers who supply us high quality meats every time. Armed with a strong working relationship with our meat suppliers, our customers can rest assure the meat they purchase at Greens Market is of the highest quality.



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